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Use internet free from online risks

Making the digital space in Somalia Open and Inclusive

On 27th January 2022, Digital Shelter hosted a stakeholder dialogue on promoting an open and …

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Do we need Data Privacy and Protection Policy?

The value of personal data in the online world has significantly increased over the recent …

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Using Digital Space as Accountability Platform

On Thursday morning, September 2nd, I joined a panel discussion hosted by Digital Shelter at …

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Over the past decade, Somalia been on a recovery and stability path and amidst a …

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Digital & Physical Risks Research Against HRDs, Bloggers & Journalists Launched

In Africa, human rights defenders (HRDs) and activists working to promote and protect human rights …

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Digital Rights & Inclusion Forum 2021

In partnership with Paradigm Initiative (PIN) Digital Shelter hosted the 8th edition of the digital …

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Confronting Online Abuses Against Women #IWD2021

82 Somali women share their experiences of being shamed, harassed and abused online in a …

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Misinformation & Disinformation in Election Times

As the country is getting ready for the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections, we thought …

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Madasha Shaah iyo Sheeko #CoffeeMeetup

Shaah iyo Sheeko September 2020 Kadib doodo iyo seminaaro is daba joog ah oo ay …

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Digital Transformation and the Future of Online Civic Space in Somalia

On 20th August 2020, Digital Shelter hosted a landmark forum titled “Digital Transformation and the …

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Building Digital Resilience for Media Practitioners & Activists

As part of our strategy on building safe digital environment for media professionals, bloggers and …

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Strengthening WHRD’s Digital Resilience

In today’s digital world, Internet has become an essential platform for many activists to disseminate …

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